I am writing to tell you about a concern that I have with the Service Department at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, IL. I have been going to Webb Chevrolet for about 6 years now and I have never experienced such rude behavior than on Friday July 15, 2011.

I arrived at the service center around 5:45pm, and I waited in my truck for someone to walk over to find out the kind of service I would need, and that never happen. If this format has changed then there should be a sign or something posted to notify customers that this procedure does not happen anymore, but there was not a sign. While I was sitting and waiting in my truck, several of the service guys walked by me talking and laughing with each other and getting drinks from the vending machines. Never once did anyone offer to assist me.

Once even with another employee that was dressed as if he should have been in an office or on the showroom floor at least he did speak, the service guys were easy to identify they were wearing their Webb Chevy service T-shirts. There was one employee behind the service center counter, and he was talking with another guest, and there was another employee sitting behind the service desk where you can buy your own auto supplies or where the service employees get their auto parts. The employee was on the phone for at least 15 minutes while I sat in my truck waiting for assistance which your employees never offered. So I decided to get out of my truck and ask for some type of service, because the employee had started talking with another guest.

That person had walked in after I had been waiting for assistance. As I started walking towards the service counter the employee starts walking away with the guest at that time I excused myself to ask him about getting some service. He asked me was I picking up a car, I told him no I was there because I needed an oil change, and he began to tell me in a very rushed tone that they were not accepting anymore customers for the day. Now my question is, are the posted hours correct on the flyers that I receive?

Those times are as listed Monday-Thursday 7:00-9:00pm, Friday 7:00am-7:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm. If the hours have changed then you should have corrected them before mailing out the flyers. When my arrival time was 5:45pm plenty of time for your any of your employees to say to me, yes we are taking more customers or no we are not taking any more customers, I'm not a mechanic, but I do know that this statement only requires common courtesy. Also, as I stated before I have been a customer at Webb Chevy for about 6 years, I have had my oil change there on several occasions and I encountered other unprofessional service such as having to wait as long as 3 hours for an oil change because my papers mysteriously ended up in a pile of papers on the other side of the desk.

When that incident happen the employee was very apologetic and got me out of there in 20 minutes, with that being said the oil change had plenty of time to be done. I do understand if there is a cutoff time when work is to be complete or no more customers are to be accepted, I do work in customer service. Then if that is the case, this could have been said to me on several occasions while employees were walking pass me sitting in my truck. On this visit to your establishment I felt like my service was not important to Webb Chevy.

So with that feeling I took my business to another establishment. Yes it was one of your competitors, and let me be the one to tell you, they welcomed me into their establishment with a smile and no hassle. I got my oil changed I was in by 8:58am and out by 9:20am less than 30 minutes and yes it was also less expensive. While I was getting my oil changed I was asked about the last time I had my oil changed because whoever put my cap on from the last oil change placed the cap on too tight.

Now I am going to need a new cap. Right now that is two strikes against Webb Chevy. I don't know if I will ever come back to Webb Chevy but as for now my business will go where I feel it is welcomed and appreciated. It would help if your employees were trained on the basics in common courtesy.

Common Courtesy is acknowledging your customers and making them feel welcome into your establishment. Your employees lack of courtesy is what influence my decision to take my business else where.

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